About us

Here at Kind Echoes, we believe in people. We believe in the power every person has to make the world a better place, through the simple actions that we do everyday.

It’s why you can find me and my team in our workshop; working tirelessly to bring good feelings to thousands of happy shoppers every year. From the moment your order, to the point you find a home for one of our customized accessories and decorations. Every step along your journey to the perfect gift, is treated with care and a boundless passion for what we do.

I’ve been a professional craftsman most of my life. This means that I have had a front row seat to the slow decline of the personalized gift industry. A once noble cause, aimed to strengthen the connection between people, has been overrun by those who only care about the bottom line.

Kind Echoes endeavor to bring back those simple yet forgotten values. The ones that have made gifts, such a special component in all of human relations throughout history.

Love. Respect. Human kindness.

Helping others and doing nice things for them. These are the values at the forefront of our stores vision.

But why do we care so much?

The world is becoming increasingly divided. People talk less and are glued to screens more. One simple gift, kind gesture, or even just a thoughtful word can cause a ripple through the universe. This Kind Echoes,as we like to call it, is the catalyst for a more peaceful, unified and loving society. Each of our products is sent out with this sole purpose in mind. We want to trigger the ripple. The one that starts the echo towards a better world for all of us.

A personalized necklace that repairs the broken bond between a mother and daughter. The mug that reminds a jaded grandfather how lucky he is to have such a caring family. An art piece that reunites an old friendship. True power lies in our actions. And Kind Echoes mission is to connect together a community of like minded people. People who believe in the value of togetherness and real human connections. As well as the sacrifices and responsibilities that come with that.

Join us.

Let’s make the world a better place by spreading peace, love and happiness — one kind echo at a time.

Thanh Le
Kindechoes.com Founder